Welcome to St Patrick’s Church Hill

Dedicated in 1844, St Patrick's Church became the immediate focus of worship for Irish Catholics in the Colony. It has served the Catholic community of Sydney since then. Restored in 1999, St Patrick's continues to be a spiritual oasis in a busy and vibrant city and remains one of the busiest Catholic city churches in Australia.

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small cross icon Mass & Reconciliation
at St Patrick's

St Patrick's Church Mass

St Patrick’s offers Masses and Reconciliation on Weekdays, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
Check out our timetable to see Mass and Reconciliation times.

small cross icon Courtyard Coffee Shop

St Patrick's courtyard coffee shop

Visit the beautifully refurbished former Chapel of the Sisters of Mercy and try our coffee, Sandwiches, tea and more.
Open Sun to Fri - 10am to 2pm.
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small cross iconSt Patrick's Events:
Historical Tours

Twice a month St Patrick’s
Courtyard Coffee Shop provides
a guided tour of the St Patrick’s
site, where this rich history is
outlined in association with the
various heritage buildings.
To Know more, Click here.

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Active ministries and groups within
St. Patrick’s Parish. Those wishing
more information about a group's
activities click here.

Alternatively you can contact
the Parish Office